Data Conversion
We support thousands of business
applications, backup utilities and drives,
to quickly and cost effectively convert
media and data into a readable,
useable format.  Even if your
media is damaged, we can
recover data.

Legacy Data and Media
We can recover data from legacy files
and media that is no longer supported.
We transfer data to new formats
and latest generation
media for seamless
transition to new or
exisitng IT systems. 

Seismic Data Processing
We can handle all seismic and
geophysical data, including
multiplexed, well log and
seismic trace sequential
formats.  Supported media
includes 7, 9 and 21 track, reel
to reel, 3590, exabyte and more.

Tape Data Recovery
We recover date from tapes and
removable media, including snapped
tapes, stiction and overwritten data, 
regardless of format, hardware
or operating system.  We have 

specially adapted drives, curing
ovens and specialist tools.

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Data Conversion Specialists 
Last year we helped thousands of clients to convert, update and recover data from media such as 7, 9 and 21 track tape, reel to reel, DLT, LTO, 3590, magneto optical, exabyte and floppy disk, regardless of format or operating system.  We are also experts in hard drive recovery. This is why clients such as MITIE, Centrica, NHS, Fugro and CGG Veritas trust us with their critical data. 
At Data Conversion Specialists, we understand how important your data is. With more than 40 years experience chairing BSI and ISO committees for magnetic storage media, we are a company you can rely on.  This is why we offer a free technical analysis and no obligation quote.   
Whether you are upgrading systems or databases, converting or processing data, or simply cannot read your electronic archives or media - we provide solutions tailored to meet your requirements.  We transfer or recover your data to new formats and media, or supply the appropriate hardware and software to enable you to access your data.
We support applications from vertical markets including architecture, design, construction, oil and gas exploration, engineering, military, financial, medical, insurance and government. We also support most known media formats, including Reel to Reel, DLT, SuperDLT, LTO, half-inch tape, 3480, 3490, 3590, DAT, QIC, Syquest, Exabyte, Floppy Disk and AIT. 
With thousands of software and backup applications, we convert and repair terabytes of foreign or legacy formats, databases, images and compression algorithms into almost any format your system will recognise.  Even if your data is proprietary, we can write bespoke handlers for the data conversion or processing.  Examples of this could include converting from EBCDIC to ASCII, migrating geophysical tapes to hard drive, or restructuring the fields in a database.  We can help with any tape, optical or hard drive format, regardless of the data structure, encryption or degradation.
Oil & Gas (E&P) Data Management Services
Data Recovery and Degradation/Stiction
Data and Media Transcription Services
Data Conversion and Migration
Tape Drive Repairs
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  data recovery read more


Free Data Conversion Evaluation

Our free data recovery evaluation service will tell you whether your data can be recovered, exactly how much it will cost and how long the data recovery will take.   

Industry Leading Diagnostics

Class 100 clean rooms, specialised platter removal jigs, curing ovens, transcription software and specialised software applications allow us to provide the most comprehensive service in the industry.

Excellent Service

You will be appointed your own consultant, who will offer you a fixed price quotation, free return shipping and after sales support.  Our comprehensive service ensures a seamless transistion of converted data into your new IT infrastructure

Established and Trusted

40 years experience in the industry and ISO 9001 accreditation, ensures the highest success rates in the industry.  Because our knowledge is so highly regarded, we have been technical advisors to both the ISO and BEC. 


Don't just take our word for it!

"Thank you so much for all your help - Data Conversion Specialists are a real life saver!  I do not know what I would have done without the data you recovered.  We would have probably had to re-record all the location shots, which would have been time consuming and very expensive"  BBC Wales

See what our clients say!


"Thank you for solving our stiction issues so promptly from our reel to reel tapes.  We were expecting to lose some of the data, so we were extremely happy when you recovered the full survey.  The data has proved invaluable"  Regal Petroleum
Don't just take our word for it!


"Thank you for processing the 3590 tapes from our marine survey and copying to HDD.  Your unique NavMerge service combining the navigation information with our 3D seismic data saved us a huge amount of time"  Portugese Ministry of Defence
See what our clients say!


"I thought we would never get our CT scans converted into DICOM and imported onto PACS, but you came to our rescue" NHS